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Message From CEO

Message From CEO

Palm Construction founded in 2012 shares the ambitious dreams of the Egyptian visionary leaders and takes pride in being a significant participant of the brightening future of the Egypt.

We understand that to grow as an organization we must ensure that the community we serve in also grows and prospers with us. Our focus, therefore, is not merely on brick-and-mortar developments, but in creating high-growth lifestyle environments that create new jobs and support ancillary industries. Palm Construction has developed a wide range of diversified services from Construction; several projects have been executed for prestigious clients in Egypt adhering to timely completion, high standard of safety and quality.

Palm Construction has established itself as a reputed Company in the construction industry in Egypt, thanks to its continuing commitment to Safety, Quality and environment standards. Our work force is guided by a team of highly experienced professionals who derive support from efficient and modern personnel management, materials procurement, project planning and data processing systems and a fleet of versatile equipment and vehicles Our activity seeks to a win-win partnership, joint ventures and consortium with international companies. We believe that our success comes from our relentless pursuit of excellence and focus on innovation; integrity and transparency; execution and delivering excellent service. It is all about getting the right people, delivering at the right time, at the right cost structure and utilizing resources wisely.

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